Research shows the greatest influence on student achievement is an effective teacher at the front of the classroom, followed by an effective campus leader. Educators represent the single largest budgetary investments of any school district, and the level of preparation and support often correlates with an educator’s ability to motivate student achievement. That is why Raise Your Hand Texas invests millions in leadership development and coaching programs for campus leaders and grants for organizations working to cultivate strong teachers and principals.

Educator Data is the Critical First Step

Given the central importance of our teachers and principals to our public education system, it is remarkable there is little access to comprehensive data about our educator preparation programs and workforce. High-quality, readily accessible data is critical, as is the effective and transparent reporting of the educator data we already collect.

During the 2015-16 interim, Raise Your Hand Texas will be conducting research to better understand existing educator data in Texas, as well as address data shortages and key information we are lacking statewide.

Only after we are able to examine critical educator data can we then shift focus to improve the training, recruitment, development, appraisal, and retention of Texas teachers.