Issue Briefs

Charter Schools in Texas: Do We Just Want More Charter Schools, Or Better Ones?

Special interests in Austin want to radically expand the number of
charter schools in Texas.

They want you to believe Texas faces a dramatic shortage of charter
schools so that the Texas Legislature will authorize a rapid expansion of
charter schools run by private operators in Texas.

Raise Your Hand Texas Outlines REAL Reform Agenda for Texas Public Schools

Special interests in Austin are pushing ideas that they label “school reform,” but are far from it.

Their idea of reform includes school vouchers, radical expansion of charter schools, and ideas to shutdown neighborhood public schools before educators and parents have had the opportunity to make thembetter (the “parent trigger”).

None of these so-called “school reforms” do anything to make our existing public schools better, or to address the needs of all 5 million Texas students.

2013 Raise Your Hand Texas Legislative Agenda

Texas public schools educate 5 million students.

That’s 5 million reasons we need strong Texas public schools. Raise Your Hand Texas believes our public schools remain the best tool we have as a state to create the most opportunity for the most people. Raise Your Hand Texas is working to make changes through the Texas legislature to strengthen our public schools.

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Oppose School Vouchers

Texas public schools educate 5 million students.

In terms of meeting that goal, school vouchers aren’t a solution – they’re a distraction.

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Support Stronger Accountability and Transparency for Virtual School Providers

Texas public schools educate 5 million students.

While full-time virtual school providers educate only a small fraction of them, their enrollment has grown rapidly despite poor academic results and little transparency.

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