Policy Papers

School Vouchers: The Myth and the Reality

It has been almost five decades since school vouchers, or public tax-funded subsidies for students to attend private schools, were first introduced as a public policy option. Despite millions of dollars spent by voucher proponents to convince lawmakers and the public that vouchers are the answer to the challenges our students face, the public school community claims that “school vouchers still remain controversial, unproven, and unpopular.”

So why, after five decades of debate, does this issue draw so much attention, with local, state and national politicians taking strong positions on opposite sides?

Virtual Schools in Texas: Good for Kids or Merely Good for Profit?

The Underground School System Few Texans are aware that their tax dollars go to fund an online learning universe, one that offers classes to third graders, high school seniors and even students who never attend a brick-and-mortar school.

This ever-growing part of our public education system, referred to as virtual education, functions in large part below the radar, with little known about its operations and outcomes.