Raise Your Hand Texas has sponsored nearly one thousand principals across the state to attend training at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s (HGSE) Principals’ Center. The center offers a variety of professional development programs designed to empower and inspire school leaders.

Apply for All-Expenses-Paid Training at Harvard

Applications are now closed for the 2017 Raise Your Hand Texas-Harvard Leadership Program. Principals serving Texas public schools and public charter schools were eligible to apply for one of six week-long professional development summer courses taught in Cambridge, MA by faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For the first time, campus leadership teams were eligible to apply to three of the six institutes.

Selected applicants not only receive an all-expenses paid training opportunity, but also become a member of the statewide network of over 1,000 Raise Your Hand Texas alumni.

Teams or individuals may apply


Program Description

6/5/17 to 6/9/17
This program provides your campus leadership team the opportunity to analyze the details of your turnaround plan and develop a theory of action for successfully turning around your school. In turn, your theory of action should be used to refine your turnaround plan and the develop your targeted implementation plan.


Program Description

6/25/17 to 6/30/17
This program provides your campus leadership teams the opportunity to expand its leadership skills, explore new ways to enhance student learning and create success for yourself, your leadership team, and your school.


Program Description

7/24/17 to 7/27/17
This program provides your campus leadership team the opportunity to learn how to design family engagement practices that are directly connected to student learning, and increase your capacity to engage staff, families and your community to improve student outcomes.

Individuals may apply


Program Description

7/10/17 to 7/14/17
This program provides you the opportunity to learn how to raise achievement levels for all students—while narrowing the gaps between groups—by increasing teacher, student and family engagement. Return to your school with a concrete strategy to engage key stakeholders in striving for excellence with equity.


Program Description

7/9/17 to 7/15/17
This program provides you the opportunity to strengthen your leadership and management skills and revitalize your personal vision of leadership. Learn new methods for improving individual, group and organizational performance.


Program Description

6/11/17 to 6/16/17
This program provides you the opportunity to refine your leadership skills and broaden your understanding of teaching and learning. You will examine successful practices from urban settings, set high expectations for achievement, and explore strategies that promote student engagement.

The impact of our leadership programs extends far beyond the participating principals.

We recognize the critical role of human capital in building student achievement. Absent a higher salary structure for educators, the most powerful incentive to retain effective teachers is supportive leadership. Once principals return from their transformative summer at Cambridge, we work to continuously support and develop them professionally as part of our statewide network of school leaders.

Principal alumni join the Raise Your Hand Texas Regional Leadership Collaborative which connects alumni in regional groups who visit each other’s campuses, conduct instructional rounds, share best practices, and problem-solve on current issues in education. Through these groups, principals are empowered to work together to create change at the campus and district levels.

By investing in our state’s school leaders, we are investing in the future of Texas.

Raise Your Hand covers all travel, hotel stay, and tuition expenses, and provides a daily stipend for all principals selected. While at Cambridge, Raise Your Hand supports principals in networking, setting goals, and developing action plans for when they return to their campuses. The Raise Your Hand program director attends the program with the school leaders. Upon returning, the program director conducts campus visits throughout the year to share resources and give feedback on implementation of ideas and action plans from the Harvard institutes. Raise Your Hand’s marketing team sends out periodic digital newsletters, and also visits alumni on campus to capture personal stories about their week at Harvard. These leadership stories are told through the use of photos, videos, and other multimedia, and are published on our Stories page.