The Relay Graduate School of Education helps teachers and campus leaders develop in students the academic skills needed to succeed in college and beyond.

Raise Your Hand Texas is partnering with the Relay Graduate School of Education in Houston to administer a competency-based program in Texas that provides graduate-level classes to certified teachers, and certification for teaching residents and novice teachers.

Completion of the two-year program earns participants a Master of Arts in Teaching degree.


Million dollars invested over two years


Accelerated Master’s

This program helps new and experienced teachers reach professional mastery through a curriculum focusing on the concrete skills needed to make dramatic improvements in urban classrooms. Students apply practical learning until those skills are executed with mastery and confidence.

Relay Teaching Residency

This component is for aspiring teachers. Participants learn and practice effective instructional techniques and serve as apprentices in well-run classrooms with a goal of preparing practitioners for long-term careers in schools.