Mr. Voucher III: The FrankenVoucher

    Remember Mr. Voucher, who tried to convince Texans that Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), tax credit scholarships, and other voucher schemes are good?

    He was quickly schooled about how vouchers hurt Texas students, Texas schools, and Texas taxpayers.

    Next, Mr. Voucher, pretending to be a superhero, donned a mask and cape and tried to convince Texans that any and all choice is good for students.

    He was shut down again when students shared the importance of quality school choice–choice with transparency and accountability–which only public school districts can offer, when public dollars are used.

    Now, Mr. Voucher is back, along with some other shady characters. And they’ve created a new monster voucher: FrankenVoucher. He’s a mashup of an ESA voucher and a tax credit “scholarship” voucher, which means he’s twice as devastating. 

    Watch all three Mr. Voucher videos, share them on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #FrankenVoucher, and join us in telling legislators that vouchers hurt Texas students, Texas schools, and Texas taxpayers. 

    Monster Voucher

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