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The state’s educator preparation programs, dual credit programs, and full-time virtual schools need to be more transparent and accountable to meet the needs of educators, students, and families so they may make informed choices.

Teacher Preparation & Support

Texas students deserve equal access to high-quality teachers prepared to teach on day one. Raise Your Hand Texas supports research-based improvement in our state’s teacher preparation programs, enhanced recruitment and retention of effective teachers, and greater transparency and accountability in the state’s educator data system.

Dual Credit

Entering the Texas and global workforce now requires more than a high school diploma — it requires post-secondary success. In order to prepare students for college and career we must expand existing college and career pathways including dual-credit programs.

Digital Learning

Full-time virtual schools deliver education completely online without quality student-teacher interactions in a school environment. The poor performance of our state’s full-time virtual education programs over time demonstrates it is not always an effective approach to digital learning.