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The Texas teaching profession is at a crossroads. The status quo is not good enough. Texas can and must do a better job of recruiting, developing, and retaining great teachers. Our students deserve the best teachers, and our teachers the best preparation. While the quality of preparation varies significantly across the state of Texas, an emerging body of research indicates the type of training and support teachers need to succeed from day one.


Raising Texas Teachers & Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers

Raising Texas Teachers is a statewide initiative designed to elevate the teaching profession in Texas through partnerships with Texas institutions of higher education (IHEs), scholarships for aspiring teachers, and a campaign to enhance the status of teaching. The goals of the program are to:

  • Grow the pool of high-quality applicants entering the teaching profession;
  • Advance teacher preparation by supporting the implementation and expansion of best practices;
  • Elevate the appeal of, and respect for, the teaching profession; and
  • Build a critical mass of effectively prepared, committed, and connected Texas educators who are dedicated to working in high-needs schools and subject areas by offering scholarships and providing ongoing opportunities for professional support and networking.

Educator Data System:

Creating a Talent Engine for Texas Public Schools

Educator data is foundational to identifying the state of teacher preparation in Texas and how it can be improved. Policymakers, school districts, and teacher candidates need data on which programs are preparing candidates effectively for what types of positions, while preparation programs need formative data on graduate performance to inform continuous improvement.


Texas Tech Graduate Certificate Program in Blended and Personalized Learning

The Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation provided Texas Tech a grant to develop a Graduate Certificate in Blended and Personalized Learning, a one-year certification for current classroom teachers. The program trains teachers on personalized blended learning pedagogy, as well as the practical application of these skills in their classrooms.


Relay Graduate School of Education

Raise Your Hand Texas provided Relay GSE a seed grant to launch a teacher residency program in Houston, and is currently sponsoring Houston-area district teachers enrolled in Relay’s Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching program (AMAT). The AMAT is a one-year, competency-based program for current teachers.