Public School Choice V. Vouchers

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From dual language and STEM to internships and early college programs, public school districts across Texas are offering families innovative choices to personalize education and engage students, leading to higher achievement and postsecondary success.

Legislative action has brought greater autonomy to public school districts and encouraged them to customize education based on student, community, and industry needs. The statewide explosion of choice programs and renewed focus on community partnerships reflect these efforts.

Private school vouchers are a failed experiment in educational autonomy. Despite a long history, research shows school vouchers don’t deliver consistently improved outcomes or educational innovation at scale. They lack transparency in the use of taxpayer dollars and public accountability for educational outcomes.

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Public School Choice

Cutting-edge programs and quality choices are increasingly available to public school students across the state, to the benefit of Texas families and the state’s future economy. Public school districts are offering innovative program options in an effort to personalize education and engage students.

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School Vouchers

Vouchers are taxpayer-funded government subsidies for private schools and vendors with no accountability for results. Vouchers reduce fair access to educational opportunity, weaken rights for students with disabilities, and expose taxpayers to fraud. Only district and charter schools can deliver on the promise of quality school choice with both transparency and accountability in the use of public dollars.