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For School Districts, the Power of Pre-K is Worth the Investment

School districts across Texas know the value of full-day pre-K and the power it has to pave the way for student success.


Overwhelming evidence shows that quality full-day pre-K has a positive impact on kindergarten readiness, which is a strong indicator of third-grade reading skills. This is particularly true for pre-K eligible students, who made up more than 60 percent of the kindergarten population in the 2017-18 school year. That is why investing in full-day pre-K matters; consistent formula funding for full-day pre-K ensures that all students are prepared for success in school and life.   

In Texas, 75 percent of school districts already offer full-day or a combination of full- and half-day pre-K despite only being funded for a half-day. Consequently, districts are required to make sacrifices in other areas in order to fund a full-day program.

This map shows the type of pre-K programs offered in each district across the state. See whether your district offers full-day, half-day, or a combination of both by clicking the button below.