Key Issues

Raise Your Hand Texas focuses on a number of key issues critical to the future success and improvement of Texas public schools:


Raise Your Hand Texas believes all children deserve a fair shot at success in school and in life. High-quality, full-day pre-k gives them that opportunity.

School Vouchers

A “voucher” is any scheme that diverts funds from state coffers, or uses money that the state would otherwise collect in taxes, to subsidize private schools.

State Accountability & Interventions

The state accountability system rates the overall effectiveness of and applies appropriate remedies for all 8,000+ public district and charter schools in Texas.

Digital Learning

Texas public schools are using technology to  broaden student access to advanced coursework and deliver innovative curriculum and instruction to students. 

Charter Schools

Public charter schools, technically referred to as open-enrollment charter schools, exist within the public school system and are taxpayer-funded entities regulated by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Local Autonomy

Finding the right balance between state regulations promoting transparency, accountability and oversight while allowing for local control, democratic autonomy, and independent innovation is a critical task for Texas policy makers.

Student Graduation Paths & Assessments

Recent legislation allows students to customize their path towards high school graduation. It also dramatically lowered the number of standardized state assessments required for graduation.

Educator Preparation & Support

Research shows the greatest influence on student achievement is an effective teacher at the front of the classroom, followed by an effective campus leader.

School Funding

Quality education is the foundation of the Texas economy and prosperity. Our public schools educate more than 90 percent of all students and are the best tool we have to create the most opportunity for all.