Raise Your Hand Texas Outlines REAL Reform Agenda for Texas Public Schools

April 4, 2013 |

Some folks at the Texas Capitol are pushing ideas that they label “school reform,” but are far from it.

Their idea of reform includes school vouchers, radical expansion of charter schools, and ideas to shutdown neighborhood public schools before educators and parents have had the opportunity to make them better (the “parent trigger”).

None of these so-called “school reforms” do anything to make our existing public schools better, or to address the needs of all 5 million Texas students.

At Raise Your Hand Texas, we’re pushing for REAL reforms in public education. Reforms that make our local public schools better for all 5 million Texas students.

Our agenda includes:

Responsible Funding for Public Schools

  • Restoring $5.3 billion in funding cuts suffered by our public schools last session
  • Funding quality Pre-K programs that can close the achievement gap for young Texans before it starts
  • Developing a stable and fair system to fund our public schools for the future

Less Testing, Better Accountability

• Reducing the number of standardized tests, and considering a variety of factors to determine district and campus ratings

Graduation Plans that Prepare Students for the Future

• Offering high school students a variety of paths to graduation that reflect their interests and goals while maintaining high academic standards.

Charter School Reform

• Creating stronger state oversight of charter schools to ensure that we don’t just end up with more charter schools, but better ones.

About Raise Your Hand Texas

Raise Your Hand Texas is a non-profit education advocacy organization working to strengthen public education in Texas. Raise Your Hand Texas trains public school leaders to lead effective change in their schools, and advocates for public policies that make public schools better for all Texas students and families.

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