Educators’ Voices Need To Be Heard in Policy Debates

November 12, 2013 |

David Anthony with Amarillo ISD Superintendent, Rod Schroder, and Amarillo College Curriculum & Instructional Specialist at Amarillo College, Marissa Cochran.

Last week Dr. David Anthony, CEO of Raise Your Hand Texas, came to town for a Leadership in Education breakfast to discuss ways to improve the future of public education in Texas.

Raise Your Hand Texas hosted almost a dozen regional education leaders to highlight the positive impact quality education has on the economy and future workforce in the Panhandle, and to call for their assistance in shaping education policy in Austin.

While the conversation covered many topics, there was a clear message – it is important for educators to become knowledgeable and get involved in the process of public policy development.

Tanya Larkin, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Pampa ISD, said, “The discussion with the group really opened my eyes to the urgency with which we, as educators, need to take action. I am compelled to be more engaged in not only getting the word out, but also enlisting those around me to be more involved. Hearing the obstacles that educators face everyday right here in the Panhandle was humbling and inspiring!”

Sandy Whitlow, Principal at Palo Duro High School, added that, “Educators are so focused on the job at hand – teaching students in the classroom – that we often fail to be keenly aware of the larger picture of education in the state. We must be more involved in advocating for public policies that will benefit students in public education.”

Being a part of these continuing discussions in Amarillo makes me proud to work with such an amazing group of school leaders. As a Raise Your Hand Texas Community Ambassador, I continue to look for opportunities to share information about the need for community leadership on behalf of our public schools. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Raise Your Hand Texas, an organization that consistently invests in education to better serve all Texas students!

Anette Carlisle
Former Raise Your Hand Texas Community Ambassador


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