Our New Blog: Another Way to Stay Informed, Get Involved in the Fight for Strong Texas Schools

January 21, 2012 |

At Raise Your Hand Texas, we are working every day to change Texas public education for the better.  Our work is focused on training effective public school leaders, and advocating for public policies that strengthen our Texas public schools for all students.

Texas public schools educate nearly 5 million students each year.  That’s 5 million reasons why we need strong Texas public schools.

Creating stronger public schools is a big job.  There are no shortcuts, no easy solutions.  It takes all of us being involved.

Being involved requires being informed.

We created this blog as a tool to help us provide you with the information you need to be informed and get engaged in the fight for strong Texas public schools.

Other tools that we use to keep you informed include:

  • Email:  By joining Raise Your Hand Texas, you sign up to receive our emails on timely issues facing Texas public education (you can unsubscribe at any time).
  • Follow us on Twitter:  Our Twitter handle is @RYHTexas.  Raise Your Hand Texas is actively engaged on Twitter.
  • Like us on Facebook:  Join the conversation on Facebook.

 Sign up to receive information in the way that you prefer so that you can stay informed and get involved.

Why Raise Your Hand Texas?

Recently, we have seen $5.3 billion in cuts to our public schools, a failure to fund enrollment growth which grows at a pace of 80,000 students per year, parents frustrated with too many high-stakes tests and an accountability system that relies too heavily on these same tests, and the complete elimination of grants that allow public schools to offer full-day Pre-K to close the achievement gap before it starts.

Larger threats loom on the horizon with proposals by key state leaders to pass school voucher legislation in the form of tax credits to fund tuition for private schools—further reducing state revenues for vital needs like public education.

Our commitment to you is to provide insight on what is happening at the State Capitol, share key information and insights, and finally, to provide you with the opportunity to directly reach policymakers in Austin who are making critical decisions about the future of our schools and our state.

After that, it is up to you to make sure that your voice is heard in Austin.

JOIN Raise Your Hand Texas today, and join your voice with others across the state who are working to strengthen our public schools.


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