The Texas Demographic Revolution

September 1, 2016 |

Rice University’s Dr. Stephen Klineberg is a renowned sociologist, author, and expert on contemporary social change, survey research methodologies, and urban and environmental sociology. He is recognized for his Ted Talks on the changing demographics in the Houston area and the effect of these shifts on the state of Texas.

Raise Your Hand Texas invests in leadership development and innovation programs to help outfit public education leaders with the tools they need to prepare increasingly diverse sets of students for college and the 21st century economy. What must Texas leaders understand about the changing face of our student population to create an economically viable future? We posed that question to Dr. Klineberg. His responses are both revealing and daunting.

Klineberg Photo (2016)[4]

…Texas is at the forefront of the ongoing transformation in the U.S. population, as an earlier generation, predominantly Anglo and now aging, is being replaced by a new generation of Americans, composed largely of immigrants and their children, who are a mix of all the world’s ethnicities.


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