For the Future
Candidate Forums

These events were presented by the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation and focused exclusively on public education issues and on candidates for the Texas Legislature, which plays a huge role in shaping the requirements and resources of every public school in Texas. All candidates on the ballot were invited to participate, and no candidate was endorsed. Recordings of the forums, including any portion of these, may not be used in political advertisements.

House District 28 Candidates:
Gary Gates (Republican) – Incumbent
Dr. Eliz Markowitz (Democrat)

House District 45 Candidates:
Erin Zweiner (Democrat) – Incumbent

House District 66 & 67 Candidates:
House District 66
Matt Shaheen (Republican) – Incumbent
Sharon Hirsch (Democrat)
Shawn Jones (Libertarian)

House District 67
Jeff Leach (Republican) – Incumbent
Lorenzo Sanchez (Democrat)

House District 70 Candidates:
Angie Bado (Democrat)

House District 92 Candidates:
Jeff Whitfield (Democrat)

House District 94 Candidates:
Alisa Simmons (Democrat)

House District 96 Candidates:
David Cook (Republican)
Joe Drago (Democrat)
Nelson Range (Libertarian)

House District 97 Candidates:
Elizabeth Beck (Democrat)

House District 113 Candidates:
Rhetta Andrews Bowers (Democrat)

House District 115 Candidates:
Karyn Brownlee (Republican)
Julie Johnson (Democrat)

House District 126 Candidates:
E. Sam Harless (Republican) – Incumbent
Natali Hurtado (Democrat)

House District 132 Candidates:
Mike Schofield (Republican)
Gina Calanni (Democrat) – Incumbent

House District 135 Candidates:
Justin Ray (Republican)
Jon Rosenthal (Democrat) – Incumbent
Paul Bilyeu (Libertarian)

House District 138 Candidates:
Akilah Bacy (Democrat)

House District 148 Candidates:
Penny Morales Shaw (Democrat)