Raise Your Hand Texas believes local autonomy empowers leaders, teachers, and communities to design and implement initiatives and choice options that elevate student engagement and performance. Only the public school system can achieve this while maintaining transparency and accountability for educational outcomes. Raise Your Hand supports innovative practices in public schools by partnering with educators to pilot, codify, and scale solutions that build lasting capacity for change.

Blended Learning

Using research-based practices to continuously evaluate and improve instructional practices to personalize learning for each student should be the goal for all Texas educators. Our Raising Blended Learners program represents a model approach for piloting and proving out this kind of systemic change. Full-time virtual education, however, is the wrong approach to digital learning, and poor student performance data confirms this in Texas.

District of Innovation

Districts of Innovation, as created by House Bill 1842 in 2015, represents an important step forward in public school flexibility policy. The law allows districts to access the same exemptions from state law as open-enrollment charter schools.

District Charters

The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1882 in 2017 to empower and incentivize school districts to offer innovative new school models through district charter partnerships.

Public School Choice v. Vouchers

From dual language and STEM to internships and early college programs, public school districts across Texas are offering families innovative choices to personalize education and engage students, leading to higher achievement and postsecondary success.

Private school vouchers are a failed experiment in educational autonomy. Despite a long history, research shows school vouchers don’t deliver consistently improved outcomes or educational innovation at scale. They lack transparency in the use of taxpayer dollars and public accountability for educational outcomes.