To provide targeted educational programs to the diverse student body in Texas, school districts must innovate and collaborate. District charters offer this opportunity, while remaining transparent and accountable to Texas taxpayers within the public school system.


The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1882 in 2017 to empower and incentivize school districts to offer innovative new school models through district charter partnerships. Using this incentive, districts are eligible to receive the higher of state charter– or district-level funding. This can mean between $1,000 and $1,500 per student in additional resources.

The local school board must approve all district charter partnerships. The district continues to enroll the students, receive state funding, and remain accountable for student performance. Funds will flow to the campus through a contract between the district and the partner.

Districts can create partnership schools with nonprofits, units of local government, institutions of higher education, and state open-enrollment charters.

Examples include:

  • Career and technology campuses developed with employers to meet local workforce needs
  • Clinical residency teacher preparation designed in partnership with local colleges of education
  • Early college high schools created with local community colleges