New Story: I am Paredes Pride

February 28, 2019 |

At Paredes Middle School every student is encouraged to see their own greatness and given a platform to be a leader. Hear from the students in the inspiring video above.

In an effort to change her school culture, Valerie Torres-Solis, Principal at Paredes Middle School in Austin ISD, recruited bullies and the bullied to use the bully pulpit for good. The outcome shocked everyone, except the principal.

“On the first day of school, it was the students who had the most challenges from the previous year who stood toe-to-toe with me, side-by-side, and showed our students this is going to be a different day. You are going to now see your own greatness. You are going to see your own excellence and step into that and know what that feels like to be obtaining attention that is positive, that is productive, that is professional.”


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