New Story: Poverty Does Not Define Destiny

August 18, 2017 |

After working for a decade in Presidio ISD, one of the poorest and most isolated school districts in Texas, Raise Your Hand Texas alum Principal Edgar Tibayan is beginning a new chapter. He’s leaving his beloved Lucy Rede Franco Middle school in Presidio, Texas for Emerson Elementary in Midland. 

We visited Dr. Tibayan — known affectionately by his students as “Dr. T” — in the quaint, border town of Presidio. Our cameras were rolling as he mingled with his students during lunch and played volleyball and basketball with them during recess. We were with him on campus when he hosted his weekly “Coffee Talk” with a group of outspoken mothers, and we tagged along with him on a couple of productive evening home visits. 

We were witness to the family atmosphere Dr. T. created with staff, students, and parents during his 10 years in Presidio.

“The transfer is difficult because I have already developed a deep relationship with the students and the community of Presidio,” says Dr. T., but he is excited about taking his brand of family-focused leadership on to Midland ISD.

In this multimedia profile of Dr. T., learn how he used his own personal story of abject poverty to foster a culture of success on his middle school campus.


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