LISD & RYHT Partnership: 2013 Convocation

September 13, 2013 |

The 2013 Lubbock Independent School District’s Convocation served as an introduction of new Superintendent Behrl Robertson to the many campuses within his district. Thousands of students, teachers and administrators gathered at the City of Lubbock Civic Center to meet Supt. Robertson and hear his plan for the coming school year. Additionally, Dr. Bill Daggett, Founder of the International Center for Leadership in Education, spoke on American education.

Superintendent Robertson scrapped his pre-written speech to focus on three primary points that he believes will make the district more successful. First, LISD needs to get “back in the relationship business” – stressing strong relationships with students, peers, administrators and the community. This idea coincides with LISD’s motto, “Every Child, Every Day.”

Second, LISD must have a mentality of no excuses. If a teacher, student or parent makes an excuse, subsequently their expectations are lowered. Robertson suggests that ridding the district of excuses will make room for progress.

Finally, LISD must maintain a culture of high expectation regarding academics. In a district where 70 percent of students are economically disadvantaged, there is an even greater opportunity to make a significant impact on students than in other areas. Sustaining rigorous academic standards will push all stakeholders to reach their maximum potential.

Dr. Bill Daggett, renowned education speaker, noted how LISD focuses on students and not adults, which is opposite in most other school systems.

He went on to tout the public education system in the U.S. as the best in the world because of our dedication to educating all children. Every child deserves excellence and equity, which is the foundation for education at LISD.

Raise Your Hand Texas is equally excited about the new school year and the opportunity to partner with the Harvard Data Wise Process for Improvement, the International Center for Leadership in Education and LISD once again. RYHT will be expanding its involvement in the program by taking on an additional 15 new campuses and targeting schools that did not meet expectations based on last year’s standardized testing results.

It was great to see all of the campuses in attendance. Now it is time to roll up our sleeves so that the high expectations set by Supt. Robertson are met. From everyone here at RYHT, we want to wish the students, teachers and administrators best of luck for the new school year.


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