REEP Impacts Elementary School Principal’s Leadership Development

October 15, 2013 |

As a “newer” Principal only having been in the position for two years, I knew there was an abundance of information I needed to learn to become a more effective leader. I heard a presentation about the Rice University Education Entrepreneurship Program (REEP) from Humble ISD principals in Cohort III, and it sounded like the opportunity of a lifetime.

Leadership is something I constantly read about and research, and I thought this program would be beneficial in developing my leadership and communication skills. Surrounding myself with other leaders dealing with similar situations seemed like a practical way to share ideas and best practices. I was extremely interested in becoming a part of this program, but I was nervous…it was Rice University after all!

When I was accepted, I was thrilled, and I knew REEP was going to be unlike anything I had ever experienced. It truly was the greatest learning experience I’ve ever had. The critical thinking, problem solving, and group discussions took me places I never would have gone without this wonderful program.

Now, I look at situations differently every day – from planning with teachers, to looking at data, to reviewing the budget. I know I have grown as a leader and I think in a deeper way – always varying my approach to problems and always looking for new solutions to surface. Instead of accepting things as the way they have always been, I look to make improvements wherever I can and I challenge myself to ask, “why not?”

I formed meaningful relationships with people I will stay in contact with for many years to come. I know I can reach out to them in a time of need or to bounce ideas, which helps continue the learning and growth process for all of us!

– Stephanie Coronado, Principal at Timbers Elementary


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