New Story: High School at a Higher Degree

June 19, 2018 |

Made up of 32 modest-looking portable buildings located just on the edge of El Paso Community College, Valle Verde was one of the first Early College High Schools in Texas. 

“We exist actually on the college campus of El Paso Community College. We’re right here in the parking lot,” Paul Covey, the Principal at Valle Verde says. “Our kids can come to high school classes, and when it’s time for the college classes, they walk across the parking lot and go to college classes at the Community College, which makes it very unique in El Paso.”

Covey and his team focus on recruiting first generation college students.

“The whole idea is for them to save money and time and to gain their bachelor’s and master’s degrees,” Covey said. “By paying for those first two years through us, they’re able to get a college degree, only paying for two years of it.”

Learn how the opportunities created by Valle Verde are changing what students and their families believe is possible by reading the full story and viewing the featured video.


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