Voices on Teaching: First Grade Lessons that Last a Lifetime

October 5, 2020 |

Our “Voices on Teaching” series features diverse perspectives about the importance of the teaching profession and personal stories about teachers who helped give rise to the future.

When six-year-old Mark Jones sat in his first-grade class at Buda Elementary School, he never imagined that his teacher, Sybil Ellison, would remain a mentor and friend 51 years later

Jones, who is now a county commissioner for Hays County, credits her for being the “best teacher I ever had.” He also says she gave him the building blocks for a future in public service. 

Commissioner Jones believes teachers like Mrs. Ellison are the ultimate role models. “You learn so much about how to treat other people from your teachers. When you had those good teachers, it just makes the rest of your life so much easier because they’re always there with you.” 


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