2017 Research Update: New Voucher Policy Brief

    February 3, 2017 |

    The Costly Shortcomings of School Vouchers: Inadequate Accountability, Transparency, and Results

    More than five million students are enrolled in Texas public schools in a variety of settings and programs, with student-centered learning, technology, and innovation playing a greater role now than ever before. The current public education system offers many choices for Texas families, including state-of-the-art academic programs, magnet schools, academies, and public charter schools. As part of the public school system, these options are transparent and accountable to taxpayers for academic performance and are overseen by locally elected trustees.

    When it comes to school vouchers, additional choices do not necessarily equate to higher quality choices. As explained in this brief, school voucher programs that operate outside the public system with limited or no transparency and no accountability requirements do not have a track record of success. Given the rate at which public schools continue to innovate and address the unique needs and talents of Texas students, school vouchers would only weaken the Texas educational landscape and undermine efforts to provide a high-quality, transparent, and accountable system for all Texas families.

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