Capitol Update: The Case Against Vouchers & Legislative Hearing

March 27, 2015 |

The Senate Education Committee met yesterday to hear public testimony about school voucher legislation. You can access the archived video footage of the hearing.

Raise Your Hand Texas opposes vouchers in all forms, and our CEO, Dr. David Anthony, testified against vouchers. His testimony has been posted to our testimony page.

Vouchers are government subsidies of private schools, funded by taxpayer money, without the accountability of public schools. Vouchers are not a solution. They are a distraction.

Who Educates Texas Students?

Texas public schools educate 94% of school-age children, and they deserve our full attention to realize world-class educational opportunities for all students and a strong future economy for our state.

To read more on the subject, access Raise Your Hand’s Vouchers Position Paper and Policy Brief by visiting our landing page about vouchers.


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