Where is Quality School Choice Thriving? You Might Be Surprised

    This is the latest in a series of stories highlighting how public schools are increasingly offering quality choice and innovation to Texas students and families. Access the full story.  

    No longer separated by hundreds of miles or zip codes, cutting-edge programs and quality choices are increasingly available to public school students across the state, to the benefit of Texas families and the state’s future economy.

    While urban and suburban public school districts educating the majority of Texas students have multiple school choice and innovative programs, similar offerings are popping up like windmills along a West Texas highway among rural communities and smaller districts.

    As a result, more families are finding specialized programs and options for student learning inside their public school system. Today, innovative programs, relevant coursework, and personalized opportunities draw Texas families to public neighborhood schools, magnets, academies, and student-centered programs like the ones featured in these stories.

    The rate at which districts are embracing quality choice is promising, and schools should be responsive and adaptive to parent, student, and community interests. Since the public education system is the only place where transparency and accountability are guaranteed, our public schools must lead the way.

    Students in districts large and small enjoy robotics and one-act play. They play soccer and Suzuki Strings. They specialize in STEM and Spanish immersion. And on and on.

    Welcome to 21st century public education in Texas.

    Quality Public School Choice: Rural & Suburban, Small & Rural, Animated Guide

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