Which Schools Offer Choice and Accountability?

March 21, 2017 |

High-quality school choice is important. But Raise Your Hand believes tax dollars should not be stripped away from the millions of students in public schools and siphoned to private campuses or programs that aren’t accessible, transparent, or accountable for results. The chart below shows the different requirements for public district and charter schools compared to private schools that would potentially receive Education Savings Account vouchers and Tax Credit Scholarship vouchers under Senate Bill 3.

Only public district and charter schools are required to report and track spending and student performance, accept all students, and comply with federal protections for students with disabilities. Private schools and programs accepting public funding under SB3 would have no such requirements for transparency or accountability for results.


School Choice with Accountability-v3


Education Savings accounts and tax credit scholarships are the same ol’ voucher, also known as government subsidies for private schools with no transparency, accountability, or proven results.


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