Texas House of Representatives Debating Misguided A-F Rating System for Schools Today

May 12, 2015 |

school-sqaureToday, the Texas House of Representatives is scheduled to consider House Bill 2804, which would create a new A-F rating system for schools.

An op-ed titled “Rating performance or punishing poverty?” penned by Raise Your Hand Texas CEO Dr. David Anthony and published this week by the Houston Chronicle points out that, while several other states have initially been enticed by the familiar and seemingly simple aspects of an A-F rating system for schools, research on implementation of this type of system has found that the ratings correlate not with performance, but with poverty levels of the schools.

A single composite score in the form of a letter grade may sound elegant and straight forward, but it also serves to mask variation in performance among different demographic groups and across schools, which could mislead parents and the public.

For more information, see Dr. Anthony’s testimony from April 28, 2015 on Senate Bill 6, which was merged with another generally positive school accountability bill to form the current House Bill 2804.

Raise Your Hand Texas supports an improved accountability system that fairly measures a campus’ performance. Until such a system is designed and implemented, our public schools should not be evaluated solely on tests that can measure family income as much as overall performance.

Raise Your Hand Texas encourages Texas citizens to contact your House members and tell them an A-F rating system for schools is not an effective or transparent tool for parents.


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