Let’s Celebrate & Encourage Expanding Public School Choice

    Raise Your Hand Texas is excited to mark National School Choice Week, because public schools across Texas are embracing innovation and choice — with transparency and accountability — in many different ways. Increasingly, public school students and their parents are weighing educational options, customizing academic course selections, benefiting from personalized learning opportunities, and veering from a one-size-fits-all approach by taking advantage of public school choice year-round. The following stories and blog posts feature some of those examples.

    District Sets Successful School Choice Example

    Grand Prairie ISD

    Grand Prairie ISD is a model example of what public schools can accomplish with existing resources and community engagement. When faced with a $15 million budget shortfall, the district got creative. Today, half of the schools in the 29,000-student strong district offer some form of choice within an open-enrollment system. Take a look at how this district is reinventing public education to benefit all students.

    Full “STEAM” Ahead

    Plano ISD

    Academy High School in Plano – the district’s first school of choice – is charging full “STEAM” ahead with its avant-garde interdisciplinary structure that actively incorporates art into the STEM disciplines of science, tech, engineering, and math. Instead of traditional classrooms, students collaborate in large open areas with moveable furniture. Using labs, idea rooms, and presentation spaces, each grade level focuses on one single, all-encompassing project at a time for up to half a semester. Check out this story about the art of STEAM, and prepare to have your mind blown.

    art supplies

    Expanding School Choice for ALL Students

    The vast majority of school-aged Texans — approximately 90% — attend public schools. Many Texas students currently have multiple choices and/or options to customize their education. And many school districts are exploring and working to expand their offerings to benefit all students. We encourage all school districts to involve families and local communities in dialogue about how public schools can serve the unique educational needs and interests of every single student. 

    Check out our blog post outlining some distinctive options within Texas school districts.

    Raise Your Hand Texas Stands for Innovation with Accountability

    Raise Your Hand Texas believes school choice and innovation are good … when accompanied by accountability and transparency – something only public schools can currently provide. Read more …

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