High School Robotics Team Wins Gold, Develops STEM Skill Set

February 21, 2016 |

A team of North Texas high school roboticists in Greenville, Texas is gaining worldwide notoriety for their award-winning automatons. The Greenville High School team conceived of and created robots like Viper, (which shoots frisbees and climbs pyramids) Batman and Robin, (who adeptly pick up and transport trash cans and big bins) and the currently-under-construction, top-secret, as-yet-unnamed sensation (which will traverse rough terrain, toss boulders into towers, and even do pull-ups!) 

After 25 years of building robots, The Robowranglers show zero signs of powering down.

The team was formed through a partnership between Greenville High School and Raytheon(now L-3 Communications), an internationally recognized systems integration organization that modernizes and maintains aircrafts and develops special-mission systems for military and commercial use. Since then, the team has received additional corporate sponsorship, and volunteer mentors from those sponsors and the community guide them in creating their robots. After six weeks of design and build, The Robowranglers and their robots take to roads around the world to compete against other school teams’ robots.

Greenville, Texas is about an hour northeast of Dallas.

The sight of these mechanical marvels firing frisbees and doing pull-ups is exciting enough, but the implications of it all are undeniably impressive when you consider how this training and experience gives students an edge in the real world.

“In the past five years, 90 percent of (Robowranglers) students have gone to college, and 87 percent of those students have gone into STEM majors,” says Adrienne Emerson, Director of Robotics at Greenville High School. “Of the students that have gone to college, 100 percent of them received some sort of scholarship because of their participation in the program. Secondly, 28 of our students have received a high school internship at an engineering company. They are graduating high school with more engineering experience than many college graduates.”

The Robowranglers boast two world championships, two world division wins, 15 regional wins, a championship Industrial Design award, 25 engineering awards, and 16 other team awards. Last year, the team flew to China for an international competition. The Robowranglers returned home to Texas with a first place win and a gold medal.

Now, the team is prepping for three upcoming tournaments in San Antonio, Dallas, and Waterloo, Canada, and it’s returning to China in August to compete and help Chinese teams there with their robot builds.

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