Why House Bill 5 Matters to Parents

October 3, 2014 |

This is the fourth of six in our fall blog series, House Bill 5: Past, Present and Future. HB 5 is the landmark accountability and assessment legislation passed during the 83rd Texas Legislative Session (2013). We have explored what the bill did, how it came about, and how it empowers Texas students. But as a concerned parent, what does HB 5 mean for you?

Each blog in this series features an introductory video by HD Chambers, Superintendent of Alief ISD and pioneer for the HB 5 movement, followed by information about one of the many ways HB 5 impacts education, business, and communities across Texas.

The Need for Increased Parental Engagement

With the new graduation plans and endorsement tracks presented in House Bill 5, parental involvement now is more critical than ever. Students may choose a specific pathway toward a highly specialized technical field, a community or junior college, or a four-year degree.

The more parents know about the new options available to students, the more they can help their children select the best pathway to pursue their interests, inspire their talents, and achieve their goals.

At Alief ISD, a pioneer in implementing House Bill 5, we saw a substantial increase in parental engagement and attendance for “endorsement nights” in the first year after the bill was passed. This can be attributed to the significant outreach and education efforts by the school district.

How Much Do Parents Know About HB 5?

While HB 5 has garnered significant news coverage, we wondered to what extent parents across the state are aware and informed of the changes brought forth by House Bill 5. We wanted to talk to parents face-to-face to gauge their knowledge about the bill. So, the Raise Your Hand Texas team took to the street. We asked four parents from Austin High School what they know about HB 5 and received the following responses.

As the video indicates, there is a wide range of knowledge about House Bill 5 among Texas parents. Some have heard of the bill, but not the specific provisions within the bill. Some know about the modifications to standardized testing, but were unaware of the new graduation plans. And one parent even fought to get the bill passed at the 83rd Texas Legislature.

Get Informed, Get Engaged

House Bill 5 is still a new development within the Texas education system. Parents must be informed about what it entails because they play a critical role in its future success. When parents are informed, their children are the ones who ultimately reap the benefits.

Raise Your Hand Texas is committed to sharing as much information as possible to help all House Bill 5 stakeholders better understand the bill. Be sure to check out our blog series, “House Bill 5: Past, Present, & Future,” and also reference the resources listed below:


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