5 million reasons vouchers won’t get the job done.

    Texas public schools educate 5 million students.

    In terms of meeting that goal, school vouchers aren’t a solution – they’re a distraction.

    Vouchers are for the few, not the many. School vouchers benefit a small handful of students while doing nothing for the majority of Texas students in our public schools. There simply aren’t enough private schools to make a dent. While public schools educate 5 million Texas students, private schools in Texas only educate 313,360 according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

    Vouchers do not improve student achievement. Study after study has concluded school vouchers do not result in improved student achievement over traditional public schools. After reviewing the research, the Center for Education Policy concluded, “studies have generally found no clear advantage in academic achievement for students attending private schools with vouchers.”

    Tax credit scholarships use state tax dollars to send students to private schools. Under these schemes, a corporation is given a dollar-for-dollar credit against its state taxes (in addition to the federal deduction it would receive already) for providing money to fund private school tuitions.

    We call these Texas Two Step vouchers. The extra shuffle step of the tax credit is designed to avoid the difficult legal and political issues of giving state funds directly to private schools. The impact on state revenue is the same as if the Comptroller had signed the check.


    Here’s what the Texas legislature can do to keep public schools strong:

    Whether they call them Taxpayer Savings Grants, Tax Credit Scholarships, School of Last Resort vouchers or any other creative name – OPPOSE SCHOOL VOUCHERS IN ANY FORM!

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