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Raising Blended Learners Media Kit

This kit contains a news release, the Raising Blended Learners initiative grant summary, downloadable Raise Your Hand Texas and Raising Blended Learners logos, images and project statements of the five winning teams, a map of the five demonstration sites and pilot network, YouTube playlists highlighting important benchmarks from the initiative, and downloadable video and photos that illustrate blended learning in action.

Statement On Filing Of SB3 (ESA & Tax Credit Scholarship Voucher)

SB 3 is a school voucher on steroids. It marries a taxpayer-funded government subsidy for private schools and vendors to a corporate tax break with little public oversight and no accountability for results.

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Raise Your Hand Texas Names New Leadership, Augments Policy, Research and Programs Staff

Raise Your Hand Texas, recently announced Alison Badgett as its executive director, following Dr. David Anthony’s retirement after five years at the helm. Badgett previously served(…)

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Raise Your Hand Texas Sponsoring 95 Principals from 65 Districts/Charters for Harvard Institutes

Raise Your Hand Texas, a nonprofit advocacy organization working to strengthen and improve public education, is sponsoring 95 principals from 61 school districts and four charter school organizations (…)

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Anthony: Tax-credit initiative is budgetary sleight of hand

Yet again, proponents of legislation creatively dubbed the “tax credit scholarship” (SB 4/HB 1043) continue the fancy footwork in attempts to persuade colleagues and taxpayers this proposal is not a school voucher. Given that the Texas Legislature has repeatedly and resoundingly rejected school vouchers, this gambit is not surprising.

A “school voucher” is any scheme by which the state, directly or indirectly, diverts money from its coffers, or that it would otherwise collect in taxes, to subsidize private schools.

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Media Kit

Here, journalists and bloggers can find general background on Raise Your Hand Texas, video playlists related to our leadership programs and issue campaigns, and downloadable high-resolution images.

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