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Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation Launches $50 Million Raising Texas Teachers Program to Elevate Teaching Profession

Raising Texas Teachers

The Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation announces the launch of Raising Texas Teachers, a program to provide $50 million over the next 10 years in scholarship funding for students committed to a career in teaching, and technical support for premier Texas teacher preparation programs. Over time, the scholarship program will grow to include 500 teaching fellows annually from 10 university teacher preparation programs. The scholarship application process will open fall 2017 and be conducted through the partner universities.

Read the full press release to learn which 10 university partners were selected through a competitive RFP process.

Autonomy & Innovation Expansion for Public School Districts

The 84th Texas Legislature significantly expanded public school autonomy and innovation, and districts are taking advantage of the opportunity to be innovative. Districts of Innovation, as created by House Bill 1842, represents the next step in public school flexibility. The new law clears the way for districts to request the same exemptions from state law as open-enrollment charter schools and encourages districts and charters to collaborate across multiple campuses and with institutions of higher education pursuant to a locally developed plan.


Raise Your Hand Texas identifies and pilots promising ideas to improve public education, and supports the conditions and public policies needed to scale proven approaches to benefit all Texas students.

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