Raise Your Hand Texas advances research-driven innovation in education policy and practice at the campus, district, and state levels. We focus on identifying breakthrough ideas to improve public schools, pilot them, and support the conditions and public policies that allow them to scale to benefit all Texas students.

Key Areas of Focus

To improve educational outcomes for all students, we focus on three key issue areas:

First, Autonomy and Innovation: Public schools require autonomy to design, implement, and scale initiatives that best serve their student’s needs. We support programs and policies that empower district leaders, teachers, and communities while maintaining public accountability for state resources and student outcomes.

Second, Strong Teachers and Leaders: Research consistently shows that the strength of teachers and school leaders makes the biggest impact on student achievement. Improvements in the recruitment, training, and retention of high-quality teachers and campus leaders helps ensure a better future for Texas.

Third, Ensuring Educational Opportunity: All students deserve a fair shot at success in school and in life. Keeping schools accountable for student outcomes and investing in programs that provide students a strong foundation for growth gives every Texas student the opportunity to learn and thrive.

Theory of Change

We believe achieving these overarching goals requires us to focus our efforts in three distinct ways:

Practice Improvement: To succeed in the 21st century economy, today’s students and educators need different training and skills than in the past. Partnering directly with educators to support better teaching and learning approaches builds the research base for improving educator practice and makes a direct impact on student achievement.

Sustainability: Too many promising pilot programs are abandoned for lack of institutional support, a clear strategy and buy-in. Implementation of programs and policies that encourage shared ownership in an idea and promote shifts in mindset and behavior enhances the prospects for long-term sustainability in practice improvement.

Scale: At the campus, district, and state levels, cohesive, research-based policies allow all Texas students the opportunity to succeed. Our policy work aims to ensure that schools have the resources and autonomy they need to innovate and that all students benefit from proven educational approaches.


Our organizational model can be visualized as a flywheel, with momentum from individual functions advancing others. This approach allows us the flexibility necessary to tackle all of our key issues in a strategic and effective way.

Improving public schools takes all of us.

If you’re ready to get engaged, join us and help strengthen public education for all Texas students.

Help us reinvent public education for the 21st century – because the future of Texas is in our public schools.