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The future of Texas – our economy, communities, and citizenry – depends on how well we prepare our students today. All students deserve a level playing field and equal access to a quality public education.

We are reinventing public education for the future – because the future of Texas is in our public schools.

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New Podcast

Navigating a Pandemic: What's on Teachers' Minds?

We are officially in the podcast game! Let us introduce you to “Intersect Ed,” where the stories of Texas public education policy and practice meet. In our first episode, we’ll be focusing on one question: How has this pandemic affected teachers’ mental health?

The Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation is proud to join more than 125 partnering companies, chambers and community groups, associations, and universities in the #TeachersCan movement to honor teachers and elevate the teaching profession. Visit to learn more.

Census 2020

Find out how the 2020 Census can impact public education and share our resources with your schools and communities. Support Texas. Be Counted.