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The future of Texas — our communities, our economy, our citizenry — depends on how well we prepare all students today. Supporting and strengthening our schools takes all of us. Whether you are ready to get involved, or just want to stay in the know on the big issues in public education, you are in the right place.

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Get Out the Vote

Public education has never been more important to our local communities and state. Texas’ future success depends on how well we educate students today. It is crucial to elect leaders in 2020 who support investing in the 5 million+ public school students who will become the future of Texas.

Census 2020

Find out how the 2020 Census can impact public education and share our resources with your schools and communities. Support Texas. Be Counted.

Regional Advocacy Directors

Our regional advocacy team is working to grow a pro-public education constituency across Texas. This team is working in communities across the state to help educators, families, and business leaders raise their voices regarding the importance of public education.

Regional Advocacy Directors