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The future of Texas — our communities, our economy, our citizenry — depends on how well we prepare all students today. Supporting and strengthening our schools takes all of us. Whether you are ready to get involved, or just want to stay in the know on the big issues in public education, you are in the right place.

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Regional Advocacy Directors

Our regional advocacy team is working to grow a pro-public education constituency across Texas. This team is working in communities across the state to help educators, families, and business leaders raise their voices regarding the importance of public education.

Regional Advocacy Directors group photo 2022

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The Future of Testing and
School Accountability in Texas

Get Out the Vote

Public education has never been more important to our local communities and state. Texas’ future success depends on how well we educate students today. It is crucial to elect leaders in who support investing in the 5 million+ public school students who will become the future of Texas.

Trustee Advocacy Program

Raise Your Hand Texas’ Trustee Advocates program gives Texas school boards and their superintendents the tools they need to find, use, and amplify their voice and that of their community to influence state education policy.

Missy Bender

Raise Your Hand Texas Trustee-in-Residence

Raise Your Hand Texas believes school board members have a crucial role to play in state legislative advocacy. Our Trustee-in-Residence, Missy Bender, draws on her 13 years of experience as a Plano ISD Trustee (including three as the board president) to help school boards across Texas find and amplify their voices to influence education policy and actively engage their communities in that effort.

If you are interested in learning more about this work, please contact Missy at [email protected].