Join us in standing up for public schools!
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The future of Texas – our economy, communities, and citizenry – depends on how well we prepare our students today. To achieve the results Texans expect, we must do more: invest in our students, encourage innovation, and improve college and workforce readiness. We must act now. Because the future of Texas is in our public schools.

Join us in standing up for public schools!

The Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation® has launched a new statewide education advocacy effort aimed at supporting public education in Texas by working to grow a pro-public education constituency across the state.

Signing up here will allow us to help you easily connect with your state officials at critical moments during the legislative session, notify you of any advocacy events in your area, keep you informed about key public education issues, and much more.

Join the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation in our efforts to make sure the Texas legislature does its job and supports public schools! We believe that a great school system requires robust investment, pursues promising innovations, and looks to continuously improve.

Census 2020

Find out how the 2020 Census can impact public education and share our resources with your schools and communities. Support Texas. Be Counted.

For the Future Events

The Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation coordinated a series of nonpartisan For the Future candidate forums and town halls in the weeks leading up to the March 3, 2020, primary election.

Regional Advocacy Directors

Regional Advocacy Directors

Our regional advocacy team is working to grow a pro-public education constituency across Texas. This team is working in communities across the state to help educators, families, and business leaders raise their voices regarding the importance of public education.

Our Key Areas of Focus

While we monitor, evaluate, and respond to a wide variety of public policy proposals that would impact public schools and educators across Texas, we also are actively engaged in developing and advancing policy in multiple key areas.


Texans have high expectations for student achievement and public school performance. With additional resources, we can give all 5.3 million Texas students a fair shot at success in school and life.


To equip our students to meet the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of the 21st century, public schools must think outside the box. Texas educators need freedom and strategic state support to pursue and scale promising practices.


The state’s educator preparation programs, dual credit programs, and full-time virtual schools need to be more transparent and accountable to meet the needs of educators, students, and families so they may make informed choices.