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Raise Your Hand Texas believes all children, regardless of family background, deserve a fair shot at success in school and in life. Full-day, quality pre-k gives them that opportunity.


Texas currently funds a half-day public school pre-kindergarten program for 3- and 4-year-olds who are:

  • Economically disadvantaged
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Children of military
  • In foster care
  • Homeless


New studies have confirmed the benefits of expanded access to quality pre-kindergarten.

A 2017 Rand study found that “most programs with benefit–cost analyses show positive returns.”

 A meta-analysis of 22 high-quality experimental and quasi-experimental studies conducted between 1960 and 2016 found that participation in early childhood education leads to reductions in special education placement and grade retention as well as increases in high school graduation rates.

Researchers estimate pre-kindergarten investments in Tulsa have a 2-to-1 return.


Essential Elements of Quality Pre-K

Teacher Quality

  • Pre-service Credentials
  • Professional Development

Structural Elements

  • Full-day Enrollment
  • 10:1 Adult-to-Student Ratio

Curriculum & Assessment

  • Approved Curriculum Aligned with Early Learning Standards
  • 10:1 Adult-to-Student Ratio


  • Collection of Key Classroom & Assessment Data
  • Reporting of Structural & Assessment Data to Legislature and Public


  • Formula-generated Funding for High-quality, Full-day Programs

Pre-Kindergarten for the Modern Age:

A Scalable, Affordable, High-Quality Plan for Texas

Recent evaluations show quite clearly that large-scale, publicly funded pre-k programs have significant benefits for children’s school readiness skills and future academic achievement. Importantly, these results come from today’s state-funded pre-k programs, operated at scale in various states across the country.


Texas Pre-K Research Guide

Our guide provides summaries to the most current and comprehensive Texas-specific research about public school pre-kindergarten programs and early learning outcomes across the state.