Throughout the 88th Legislative Session, 100 legislators stood alongside Raise Your Hand Texas, fighting for the needs of Texas’ 5.4 million public school students. We are recognizing them for their outstanding achievement and steadfast commitment to Texas public education. 

These 100 individuals rose to the occasion during the 88th Legislative Session and made decisions that were the very best for their communities and their schools. They did the right thing throughout the Session, keeping constituents at the forefront of their public education decisions and supporting the desires of their local families, educators, and the future workforces of their communities. 

They continued to stay strong and denounce vouchers, even when out-of-state interests tried to convince some state leaders that vouchers (aka education savings accounts) should be their number one priority for education this Session – despite the well-established need to address school safety, teacher salaries, and rising costs due to inflation. Saying no to vouchers is fundamental to protecting and preserving an education system that is committed to each and every student.

State Capitol of Texas, located in Austin, TX
State Capitol of Texas

The recipients of the Public Education Champion Award withstood intense political pressure in order to do right by families, schools, and communities, and took votes to prevent vouchers in Texas.

Working in the legislature can often be a thankless job. The Raise Your Hand Texas Public Education Champion Award recognizes legislators who went above and beyond for their public schools during the 88th Session. We believe this award validates their work.

Award Recipients

Representative Alma Allen

House District 131

Senator Carol Alvarado

Senate District 6

Representative Diego Bernal

House District 123

Senator César Blanco

Senate District 29

Representative John Bryant

House District 114

Representative Liz Campos

House District 119

Texas Representative Drew Darby

Representative Drew Darby

House District 72

Representative Yvonne Davis

House District 111

Representative Jay Dean

House District 7

Senator Sarah Eckhardt

Senate District 14

Representative Josey Garcia

House District 124

Senator Roland Gutierrez

Senate District 19

Representative Ann Johnson

House District 134

Texas Senator Nathan Johnson

Senator Nathan Johnson

Senate District 16

Representative Venton Jones

House District 100

Representative Kyle Kacal

House District 12

Representative Ken King

House District 88

Senator Morgan LaMantia

Senate District 27

Representative Ray Lopez

House District 125

Senator José Menéndez

Senate District 26

Representative Terry Meza

House District 105

Senator Borris L. Miles

Senate District 13

Representative Joe Moody

House District 78

Senator Robert Nichols

Senate District 3

Representative Four Price

House District 87

Representative John Raney

House District 14

Representative Toni Rose

House District 110

Representative Chris Turner

House District 101

Representative Hubert Vo

House District 149

Senator Royce West

Senate District 23

Senator John Whitmire

Senate District 15

Representative Gene Wu

House District 137

Senator Judith Zaffirini

Senate District 21


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