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Charter Map Summary

In 2013, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 2 (SB 2) relating to charter school growth and the closure of low performing charters. While the bill required the closure of poorly performing charter schools, SB 2 also streamlined the expansion process for charters with high accountability ratings. Since 2013, Texas has added over 230 charter campuses–a 43 percent increase over six years. As of 2020, Texas is now home to 176 charter networks operating over 790 campuses, serving more than 336,000 students.

charter campuses map

The charter expansion map tracks the growth of charter schools in Texas from 1997 through 2019*. The map offers a variety of features that allow the user to see charter growth from multiple angles. These features include:

District Filter: users may track the growth of all charter schools over time within the boundaries of any traditional school district in the state

Charter Filter**: users may track the statewide growth of any particular charter holder over time

Dynamic Graph: users may analyze trends between charter expansion and enrollment data at a statewide level (default), independent school district level (district filter), or for any particular charter holder (charter filter)

*Data is based on the most recent TEA data and is subject to change.
**Given that charter holders may expand across multiple independent school districts, this map does not allow the user to track the growth of a particular charter holder within a particular independent school district.