District Partnership

Districts are Eligible for State Funding Increases through District Partnership Agreements

In Texas, charter schools are funded like school districts with less than 1,000 students. This means they receive substantially more money — up to $2,300 per student — than larger districts in the state, including the urban and suburban districts where most charters are located.

District Partnership Agreements allow school districts to partner with nonprofit corporations, governmental bodies and institutions of higher education (including those holding state charters) to operate a district campus and receive the higher charter-level funding for district students.

This map shows the average per-student increase a district would receive if it were funded like a charter school, including student and program weights. The average was estimated using the most recent data from the Texas Education Agency for per-student, campus-level funding projected for the 2019-2020 school year; individual campuses within a district could vary around the district average.  Amounts for both districts and charters may vary slightly as HB3 formulas are implemented.


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