Candidate Forums – Spring 2022

For the Future Candidate Forums – Spring 2022

Raise Your Hand Texas is proud to host candidate forums solely focused on public education. Our For the Future candidate forums provide an opportunity for Texans to educate themselves on the issues and be informed voters on election day. The forums are specifically geared toward education topics and let participants know where candidates stand on some of the most pressing issues facing our public schools. The forums are organized and hosted by our Regional Advocacy Directors for Texas Legislature elections, or run-off elections, in their respective regions. All candidates on the ballot for the district are invited to participate, and no candidates are endorsed.


For the Future Candidate Forums

These candidate forums are free to attend because Raise Your Hand Texas believes it is important for all voters to have access to the information they need to make an educated decision when they go to the ballot box. The Texas Legislature plays a large role in shaping the requirements and resources of every public school in the state, and an informed electorate is important to making sure decisions made at the Capitol impacting our students and teachers are in their best interest.

Every election is an education election, and Raise Your Hand Texas is proud to present these candidate forums as a way for voters to educate themselves on the issues and candidates when it comes to education and supporting our public schools.

Previous Texas Education Candidate Forums

These Texas Education Candidate Forums were presented by Raise Your Hand Texas and organized by its Regional Advocacy Directors. These forums featured candidates for Texas House or Senate seats with all candidates on the ballot invited to participate in order to present their stances on education issues to their respective communities. Recordings of the forums, including any portion of these, may not be used in political advertisements.

House District 1 Candidates:
George Lavender (Republican)
Ray Null (Republican)
Gary VanDeaver (Republican) 

House District 18 Candidates:
Ernest Bailes (Republican)
Janis Holt (Republican)
Stephen A. Missick (Republican)
Ronnie “Bubba” Tullos (Republican)

House District 19 Candidates:
Pam Baggett (Democrat)
Justin Berry (Republican)
Nubia Devine (Republican)
Perla Hopkins (Republican)
Ellen Troxclair (Republican)

House District 22 Candidates:
Christian Manuel Hayes (Democrat)
Jacorion Randle (Republican)
Joseph Paul Trahan (Democrat)
Lisa C. Weber (Democrat)

House District 37 Candidates:
Ruben Cortez (Democrat)
Luis Villareal Jr. (Democrat)
Frank Puente (Democrat)
Janie Lopez (Republican)
George Rivera (Republican)

House District 51 Candidates:
Cody Arn (Democrat)
Claire Campos-O’Neal (Democrat)
Albino “Bino” Cadenas (Democrat)
Lulu Flores (Democrat)
Mike Hendrix (Democrat)
Robert Reynolds (Republican)
Cynthia Valadez-Mata (Democrat)
Matt Worthington (Democrat)

House District 60 Candidates:
Kit Marshall (Republican)
Mike Olcott (Republican)
Glenn Rogers (Republican – Incumbent)
Lucas Turner (Republican)

House District 60 Runoff Candidates:
Mike Olcott (Republican)
Glenn Rogers (Republican – Incumbent)

House District 61 Candidates:
Paul Chabot (Republican)
Frederick Frazier (Republican)
Jim Herblin (Republican)
Sheena King (Democrat) 

House District 68 Candidates:
David Spiller (Republican, Incumbent)
Craig Carter (Republican)
Gary Franklin (Republican)
Mark Middleton (Republican)

House District 73 Candidates:
Justin Calhoun (Democrat)
Barron Casteel (Republican)
George Green (Republican)
Carrie Isaac (Republican)

House District 75 & 79 Candidates:
House District 75:
Representative Dr. Mary E.González (Democrat)
Mr. Rene Rodriguez (Democrat)
House District 79:
Representative Art Fierro (Democrat)
Representative Claudia Ordaz Perez (Democrat)

House District 76 Candidates:
James Burnett (Democrat)
L. Sarah DeMerchant (Democrat)
Vanesia Johnson (Democrat)
Suleman Lalani (Democrat)

House District 84 Candidates:
David Glasheen (Republican)
Cheryl Little (Republican)
Carl Tepper (Republican)
Kade Wilcox (Republican)

House District 92 Candidates:
Salman Bhojani (Democrat)
Joe F. Livingston (Republican)
Tracy Scott (Democrat)
Dinesh Sharma (Democrat)

House District 93 Candidates:
KC Chowdhury (Democrat)
Laura Hill (Republican)
Cary Moon (Republican)
Nate Schatzline (Republican)

House District 100 Candidates:
Daniel Davis Clayton (Democrat)
Sandra Crenshaw (Democrat)
Marquis Hawkins (Democrat)
Venton C. Jones (Democrat)

House District 114 Candidates:
John Bryant (Democrat)
Charlie Gearing (Democrat)
Alexandra Guio (Democrat)
Mark Hajdu (Republican)
Chris Leal (Democrat)
Kendall Scudder (Democrat)

House District 112 Candidates:
Angi Aramburu (Democrat)
Adam Blanchard (Republican)
Elisa Chan (Republican)
Mark Cuthbert (Republican)
Mark Dorazio (Republican) 

Senate District 133 Candidates:
Mano Deayala (Republican)
Will Franklin (Republican)
Bert Keller (Republican)
Mohamad Maarouf (Democrat)
Shelley Torian-Barineau (Republican)
Greg Travis (Republican)

House District 138 Candidates:
Lacey Hull (Republican – incumbent)
Josh Flynn (Republican)
Christine Kalmbach (Republican)
Stephanie Morales (Democrat)

House District 142 Candidates:
Harold Dutton (Democrat – incumbent)
Candis Houston (Democrat)
Richard Varner (Republican)

Senate District 12 Candidates:
Francine Ly (Democrat)
Ferdi Mongo (Democrat)
Tan Parker (Republican)
Chris Russell (Republican)

House District 142 Candidates:
Harold Dutton (Democrat – incumbent)
Candis Houston (Democrat)
Richard Varner (Republican)

Senate District 11 Candidates:
Robin Armstrong (Republican)
Blanca Garcia (Republican)
Mayes Middleton (Republican)
Bob Mitchell (Republican)

Senate District 12 Candidates:
Francine Ly (Democrat)
Ferdi Mongo (Democrat)
Tan Parker (Republican)
Chris Russell (Republican)

Senate District 27 Candidates:
Sara Stapleton Barrera (Democrat)
Alex Dominguez (Democrat)
Morgan LaMantia (Democrat)
Salomon Torres (Democrat)
Adam Hinojosa (Republican)
Israel Salinas (Republican)
Raul Torres (Republican)


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