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Founded in 2006, Raise Your Hand Texas is a non-partisan nonprofit organization working to reinvent public education for the 21st century, because the future of Texas is in our public schools.

What Raise Your Hand Believes

We believe that to keep Texas thriving, we must invest in our future. Quality education is the foundation of our economy and prosperity of our people. Our public schools are the best tool we have as a state to create the most opportunity for the most people.

What We Do

We invest in leadership development and coaching programs for principals and campus/district teams, provide grants to innovative education organizations, pursue research-driven public policy advocacy at the state level, and inform and engage the public on issues impacting all students.

Raise Your Hand, At a Glance

  • Founded in 2006
  • Based in Austin
  • President: Shari Albright
  • 1,100+ principals (more than 10% of the total number of principals across Texas) sponsored for leadership and coaching programs
  • $15 million+ invested in developing school leaders and aspiring principals since 2008
  • 100% privately funded, so we do not solicit for donations

Founded in 2006


Raising Blended Learners

  • 75 districts/schools across Texas competed for $2.5 million grant initiative to support blended learning programs
  • Five winning teams announced for $500,000 grants starting in 2016-17 school year
  • $5 million+ total invested in grants, implementation support, and evaluation

Rice Education EntrepreneurshipProgram (REEP)

  • One-year Business Fellowship for School Leaders through the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business
  • 125 Houston-area principals sponsored at $8,500 each
  • $1 million+ total invested since 2011

Harvard Graduate School of Education's Principals' Center

  • Weeklong summer program at Harvard for seated principals
  • 700+ principals sponsored at $7,000+ each
  • $5 million+ total invested in sponsorships since 2008

E3 Alliance

  • Executive coaching for central Texas-area principals
  • Six principals sponsored starting in 2015
  • $100,000 total invested in coaching program since 2015


Relay Graduate School of Education

  • Supports accelerated Master’s degree for teachers and teaching residency for aspiring teachers
  • $1.5 million grant

Teaching Trust

  • Supports 3-year leadership curriculum for emerging leaders, aspiring principals, and seated principals
  • $1.3 million grant

Annual Leadership Symposium

  • Raise Your Hand covers all alumni to attend annual conference
  • 300-400 attend each year
  • 2-3 days of speakers, networking, workshops


Petri Darby, APR
(512) 617-2137

Raise Your Hand Texas

1005 Congress Ave. Ste. 100
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 617-2123