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We are living through unprecedented times – times of fear, loss, and uncertainty. We are also experiencing moments of beauty and triumph as neighbors help neighbors and communities help communities. We’re asking Texans to share stories about what you’ve experienced during the COVID-19 outbreak and how your school community has stepped up. 

Maybe you are a student who is tutoring your younger siblings or developing an app for your peers. Maybe you are a parent who wants to give a shoutout to your children’s teachers for calling every single family to check in. Maybe you are a teacher who is recording TikTok videos along with your lessons to engage and inspire your students. Maybe you are an administrator who wants to give a thank you to all the unsung heroes on your campus who have scrubbed down the building or scrambled to find a way to keep feeding students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Help us shed some light and joy during this dark time by sharing your story today. 

We are looking for submissions that inform, educate, or inspire. If you’d prefer to submit a photo, video reflection, or a day-in-life recording, we welcome those as well. Note, accepted stories may be edited for clarity or length.

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