Public education has never been more important to our local communities and state. Texas’ future success depends on how well we educate students today. It is crucial to elect leaders in 2022 who support investing in the 5 million+ public school students who will become the future of Texas.

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These events focus exclusively on public education issues and on candidates for the Texas Legislature, which plays a huge role in shaping the requirements and resources of every public school in Texas. All candidates on the ballot are invited to participate, and no candidate is endorsed.

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November 8 General Election:

October 11 — Last day to register to vote
October 28 — Vote by mail application due
October 24 – November 4 — Early Voting
November 8, 7am-7pm — Election Day

Mail-in Voting Information:

• Helpful instructions if you are considering voting by mail.
• Vote by mail application document.

Public Education Is Always on the Ballot

Public schools are at the center of our democracy. They are where we learn about how our government works, and the meaning of civic duty and responsibility are taught. Now that early voting has begun in Texas, there is no better way for Texans to show their support for democracy than by voting for candidates who support Texas public schools.

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