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    The Truth About Vouchers and School District Costs

    A common argument advanced by supporters of education savings accounts (ESAs), private school tax credits and other school voucher programs is that school vouchers programs will not take money from public schools.

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    2017 Research Update: Special Education Voucher Brief

    There exists a national political effort to promote traditional vouchers, Education Savings Account (ESA) vouchers, and tax credit scholarship vouchers in the name of assisting students with disabilities. While promoted as a solution for families dissatisfied with services in the public school system, in reality, special education vouchers are employed as a political gateway to universal vouchers.

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    Mr. Voucher III: The FrankenVoucher

    Mr. Voucher is back, along with some other shady characters. And they’ve created a new monster voucher: FrankenVoucher. He’s a mashup of an ESA voucher and a tax credit “scholarship” voucher, which means he’s twice as devastating. 

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    Research Update: Full-Time Virtual Schools Failing Texas Students

    Due to the performance record of virtual schools, the state must prioritize transparency and continued accountability for these programs. We outline our policy concerns and break down the latest full-time virtual school performance data in our 2017 Position Paper.

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    Tax Credit “Scholarship” is Not Philanthropy

    Proponents of sending taxpayer funds to private schools in the form of tax credit scholarships are like old-fashioned card sharks – they want to distract you with their fast talk so you can’t follow the money.

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    Which Schools Offer Choice and Accountability?

    High-quality school choice is important. But tax dollars should not be stripped away from the millions of students in public schools and siphoned to private campuses or programs that aren’t accessible, transparent, or accountable for results.

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    Raising Blended Learners Demonstration Site Reflects on Progress

    Surprises abound for a blended learning project manager at a top performing rural school in Texas.

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    Texas Students Outperform Voucher States

    Many supporters of education savings accounts, tax credit scholarships, and other school voucher programs promise these schemes will provide better educational options and even improve the performance of public schools.

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    Voucher Research: Poor Outcomes, Potential for Fraud

    The leadership of the Texas Senate continues to seek support for statewide voucher programs in the form of “education savings accounts” (ESAs) and private school tax credits.

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    2017 Campus to Capitol Symposium-202

    A Symposium to Remember

    The 2017 Raise Your Hand Texas Campus to Capitol Leadership Symposium was unlike any before. Find out what was totally new this year, and listen to public school students tell us why their voices matter.

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