Effective School Board Trustee Advocates

As the 2023-24 school year nears an end, school boards across Texas are grappling with deficit budgets. School districts are running out of money and tightening their budgets because of double-digit inflation, an increase...

Raise Your Hand Texas Supports Public Schools

Make a Plan and Vote

More than half of Texans are registered to vote, but decisions that affect the 30 million residents are often made by a small portion of registered voters.  Voting is a powerful tool for electing...

Legislators Champion Public Education in the 88th Session

Throughout the fall, Raise Your Hand Texas recognized the 100 legislators who stood alongside us to fight for Texas public education during the 88th Legislative Session. The Public Education Champion Award celebrates these legislators'...

Grey image of the Capitol of Texas

House Committee Substitute Senate Bill 8 Verbal and Written Testimony by Dr. Michelle Smith

Raise Your Hand Texas was invited to provide testimony on Monday, May 15, 2023, Texas House Committee on Public Education Hearing on Senate Bill 8. Michelle Smith Ph.D., Raise Your Hand’s executive director, is...

advocates in front of the Texas Capitol

Texas Teachers: Getting to Know Texas Lawmakers

How Teacher Advocates Learn to Effectively Connect with Texas Legislators “Now when legislators think of teachers, they’re not going to think of the abstract, or think of the teacher they had in high school....

El Paso event KIDS


Let’s Tell the Whole Story of Student Success When it comes to evaluating how our students are learning and preparing for the 21st-century workforce, one message is nearly universal: the STAAR test does not...

Veterans Day AHS

Growth of CTE Programs Provides Choices for Texas Students

Opportunities to receive skills training, certifications benefit students and Texas workforce Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are the vital bridge between our K-12 education system and our students' next steps after high school...

Vote for my panelpicker idea - sxsw

2023 SXSW Edu panel picker vote

Vote for RYHT PanelPicker Idea and become a public education advocate Up Vote for each of our panels in the Policy & Civic Engagement Track. You are allowed to vote once for each panel....

Dala Henry and Claudia Ureño-Olivas serve as discussion panelists at the Measure What Matters Conference held at the Holdsworth Center.

Rethinking School Assessment and Accountability

On January 18, 2022, Raise Your Hand Texas hosted our first-ever policy conference, the Measure What Matters: Assessment and Accountability Conference. The event was part of a statewide listening and engagement campaign created to...

Vouchers Hurt

Why Does A State Like Texas Reject School Vouchers?

We’re Smarter Than That. If there’s one thing Texans take pride in, it’s their individuality. Their freedom. Their communities. Their tradition for doing things better and in their own way.  And when it comes...


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