Public Education Is Always on the Ballot

October 13, 2020 |

Public schools are at the center of our democracy. They are where how government works and the meaning of civic duty and responsibility are taught. Now that early voting has begun in Texas, there is no better way for Texans to show their support for democracy than by voting for candidates who support Texas public schools.

Raise Your Hand wants Texans to have robust conversations about the issues that shape their local schools. The new Raise Your Hand webpage,, has many resources to help Texans create their voting plan including:

  • Learning about candidates on their ballot,
  • Finding polling locations in their area,
  • Creating a calendar reminder for when they plan to vote,
  • Information about the For the Future candidate forums, and
  • Social media frames to show support for public education and voting.

Raise Your Hand also put together a video to inspire all Texans to participate in the election!


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